Turn Your Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot with Windows 10

most of the users have problem in a meeting or in a remote area lack of Internet Facility, some times you have 1 Dongle (Data Device) but have multiple device required Internet.

The Below mentioned 7 easy Steps That you can turn a Windows 10 Laptop into a Wireless Hotspot

  1. Click on the Setting Logo”” in the Start Menu of Windows 10 as shown Below


2.Click on the Menu that mention “Network & Internet


3. click on the Menu Item “Cellular” and later select the Dongle or the Data Device and Click on the “Connect” Button


After verify that the connection is connect as shown below proceed by clicking on “Mobile Hotspot”


4. click on the button as shown in the figure below to switch on the Hot-spot Mode


5. Also to mention the SSID and Password will appear default that can be changed to a preferred details of your own


6. while Activating the the Mobile Hotspot the internet is shared through the wireless driver available, which will allow up to 8 users to connect wifi.


7. The WiFi can be connect to mobile,Tabs and any wireless  enable device


Please feel free to mail me for any inquiries regarding Microsoft Windows 10 Features




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