Recover Office 365 MFA( Multi-Factor Authentication) App Password

When using Multi Factor Authentication in Office 365, most user forget to keep a backup note of the App Password Generated.

App Password once created it cannot be reveled , the only way to recover it is to create a new one instead. so in this article i have given 7 Easy Steps


  1. Login to Your Email through
  2.  Authenticate the Email with the 6-Digit pin sent to you Mobile Phone which was“previously registered”

Now Click the Setting Icon as Mentioned in Figure 1.1 and select “office 365” under “My app settings”


2. Select “Security & Privacy” in the Setting Panel Right Hand Side as shown in figure 2.0


3. Select the Sub Option    “Additional security verification” and Click the Hyperlink that Mention“Update Your phone numbers used for account security “as Shown in Figure 3.0


4.  The Office 365 Additional Security Verification Page as shown in figure 4.0                                 the word” App passwords” are highlighted in grey hyperlink click to proceed


5. In The App Password area you can see the initially created App Password, that cannot be reveled so you can delete the current App Password and create a new or create an Additional one as shown in the Figure 5.0


6. Add a name to the text box shown below and click next (Please use your name)


7. You copy the created “App Password” you can note down to a notepad or OneNote or else you can copy to clipboard by pressing the Button “copy password to clipboard


By creating the app password, you have to use this password instead of your o365 mail password to the apps ex: Outlook, OneDrive, Skype for business and etc.

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